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What is Turtle Island Land Coin?

Turtle Island Land Coin (TLC) is a stable coin. It is a cryptocurrency that maintains parity with the Dollar (a fiat currency). It has been designed to be a practical currency that can be used by anyone (via debit cards or direct payments) for day-to-day purchases just like any fiat currency.

How is it different from any other stable coin?

The primary difference between TLC and any other stable coin is that it is specifically intended for use by the indigenous peoples of North America (Turtle Island is the name the indigenous tribes give to North America.)  

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Comparison between TLC, Generic Crypto and Fiat

The Table compares the attributes of three different currency types
Currency AttributeFiat CurrencyCryptocurrencies
In General
Is a Medium of ExchangeYes (within specific national geographical area)Yes, globallyYes, globally
PortabilityYesCan beYes
Metric of valueYesStable coins onlyIs a stable coin
Low Operating CostNoUsuallyYes
Fraud ResistantPartlyVulnerable to hackingYes
Ownership provablePartiallyYesYes
Wide CirculationYesCan be a problemYes
Transaction PrivacyNo, except for bearer moneyCan beCould be
GovernanceCentralized (by Government)Can be and usually is decentralizedDecentralized